Simplifying the daily tasks of supply chain managers.

Leverage SMP to keep track of resource allocation, ensure maximum efficiency across the entire supply chain and quantify performance for your organization.

A screenshot from SMP showing local content targets with color-coded cells

Closely monitor your local content.

Once your procurement takes place and a specific project is making progress within a local economy, measure its local content output on a quarterly or yearly basis with intuitive data tables.

Evaluate how closely your results matched your contract requirements

Review supplier performance and determine if they met your expectations

Track how much of an effect you had on stimulating the local economy

Showcase your results.

Monitor your supply chain’s performance directly within the platform and provide visibility to your organization so all stakeholders can track progress together as well as brainstorm improvements as a team.

Present your latest data to shareholders and local regulators

Use charts and tables to communicate your economic impact

Boost your reputation across your organization as you generate success

Bar graph of economic impact of output value in dollars per year, with additional cards showing total output created, total value added created, and total jobs created

Manage local content reporting with ease.

SMP takes the heavy lifting out of countless daily tasks that were once time-consuming.

Local Supplier Discovery and Engagement

Make every procurement a successful one by posting tailored job notices to an audience of the most suitable suppliers and hiring your top choice.

Local Content Reporting

Gather and share insightful data that clearly showcases to project stakeholders how much you’re contributing to the local economy.

Designed to streamline every role.

No matter your job title, SMP makes the complex simple for many roles within supply chain management.

Local Content Specialists

SMP helps local content specialists optimize local content results, guarantee compliance with local regulations and build detailed reports to track supplier performance.

Procurement Specialists

SMP helps procurement specialists identify more qualified suppliers, source goods and services more efficiently and monitor local content to drive future procurement decisions.

Tour the platform.

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