Stay connected with real-time messaging.

SMP provides in-app messaging to ensure buyers and suppliers can stay on the same page at all times without conversations getting lost in email threads. Recipients can set instant notifications to guarantee swift communication.

A styled illustration of three message bubbles in a chat, depicting a conversation between a buyer and supplier regarding a specific posted procurement notice
Real-time messaging

Once a notice has been created, buyers and suppliers have the ability to communicate with each other directly within the platform to help move a procurement along.

Seamless communication

With all messages organized by notices and suppliers, it’s incredibly easy to locate every conversation you’ve started and pick each one up where it left off.

Stay notified on-the-go

Even if you’re out to lunch or at the store, receive an email alert on your mobile phone whenever a new message comes in and you’re not in front of your computer.

A screenshot of a messy email inbox with many unread, unopened, and unorganized emails relating to procurement

Say goodbye to your messy inbox.

The days of endless conversation threads in an overcrowded inbox are over. We know how busy your inbox must be, so we took matters into our own hands to pull communication out of your inbox and place it into an incredibly clean messaging experience in SMP.

A screenshot from SMP showing a notice being created, with text in the subject line and body, and a file attached

It’s easy for suppliers as well.

Suppliers make it their goal to bid on as many relevant buyer notices as possible. With messaging being just as streamlined for suppliers as it is for buyers, suppliers can keep perfect track of how far they are in the process with each potential buyer in one simple view.

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