Set clear targets that guide your path to success.

Break down your contracts into goals that you can quantify. Add them as targets in SMP and track your progress along the way as you work hard toward stimulating the local economy.

A screenshot from SMP showing local content targets with color-coded cells
Turn contract needs into targets

Translate your contract’s local content requirements into individual targets to help you set goals against hiring local workforce and purchasing goods & services.

Add targets to create a score

Insert weighted targets into your data table and add them together to create a scorecard that shows your projected results versus the actual outcome.

Quantify your progress

To track how your efforts stimulate the local economy, measure your performance against your targets on a quarterly basis with data-rich insights.

A screenshot from SMP showing the process of setting targets categories of local content

Set your targets. Achieve your goals.

Contracts between public and private stakeholders have critical benchmarks to measure success. Set these as targets and measure your score every quarter as you make progress with local content.

Watch your hard work pay off as you analyze local content results against your targets.

With local content reporting serving as the backbone to measure your project’s success, leverage SMP’s reliable data platform to quantify your value to local authorities.

A screenshot from SMP showing the Targets & Scorecards tab of Reporting Analysis with percentage targets by quarter for each target category

One score that answers every question.

With one simple view, gain a full understanding of your project’s output across all areas of local content. Combine all weighted targets for an aggregated score to drive next steps.

A screenshot from SMP showing both targets and calculated weighted scores compared across all target categories and quarters

Tour the platform.

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