Gain full visibility on your local content performance.

SMP not only provides options for operators to view data, but also to combine and aggregate data. Specifically understand how individual contracts, or all tiers combined, are boosting the economy with local content over time.

A screenshot from SMP showing filled out local content reporting tables
Your reports all in one place

Remember when you had to switch between 10+ spreadsheets to fetch the data you needed? Those days are over. Now access every single report on one screen.

Your data your way

To help you slice and dice your metrics in the exact way you need, you can analyze a specific contract’s performance for only one quarter, or all contracts across all quarters.

More transparency for operators

With SMP’s reporting analysis abilities, operators can now view all active contracts and drill into the reporting for each individual one.

Uncover your biggest business opportunities by letting your past results drive future success.
A screenshot from SMP showing the dashboard view, an upcoming feature

Dashboards that tell the full story.

With all-new reporting dashboards, harness the power of our visualization and business intelligence features to make more data-driven decisions for your business.

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