Local content reporting made easy.

Gather and share insightful data that clearly showcases to project stakeholders how much you’re contributing to the local economy.

Generate and review local content reports.

SMP hands you all the reporting tools you could ask for to help you monitor the sourcing of goods and services, local employment and to what extent it helps stimulate the economy.

Get your custom reporting framework setup.

Depending on your country, sector or contract details, you may need to analyze vastly different data than anyone else on the platform. Our custom, flexible reporting options help you get the exact data you need, when you need it.

Set your targets and organize your data on a quarterly basis.

Each of the local content requirements outlined in your contract should define your exact targets. Your reporting tables will track these targets quarter-over-quarter and provide visibility into whether each individual target was successfully met.

Sit back and watch your charts show off all your hard work.

With your project well underway, documenting your quarterly local content progress will tell you how many jobs you’ve created and how much growth you brought a specific community. Share your progress with the team and keep making strong headway.

A screenshot from SMP showing filled out local content reporting tables

Analyze the data you really need.

We know how important it is for organizations to quantify their commitment to supporting local economies. Our reporting tables help you track your local workforce and and the results they deliver.

Keep your data organized and accessible in one view

Every contract you have can be analyzed across any time frame

Provide operators with the insight they need

Stay on track to meet your goals.

Measuring quarterly goals and tracking your performance on a scorecard will help you stay on track to boost the local economy you’ve been dedicating your time and energy into. Make it count!

Set your hiring and spending requirements as targets

Combine each target together and track them on a scorecard

Compare quarterly targets vs. actual results for all local content

A screenshot from SMP showing local content targets with color-coded cells
A screenshot from the platform showing economic impact bar graphs over several years

Quantify your economic output.

At the end of each quarter, review your project’s impact across every sector and goods and services category. Forecast future local content performance based on previous quarters.

The only platform available that accurately measures economic impact

Visualize the positive effect your business activities are consistently having

Remain compliant with the local laws and data standards

DAI's Sustainable Business Group helps companies build more sustainably.

DAI works on the frontlines of global development. Transforming ideas into action—action into impact. We are a trusted partner of international development agencies, corporations, governments, and philanthropies to tackle fundamental social, environmental, and economic development challenges.

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group provides full life-cycle advisory and project implementation services, including localization of supply chains and designing fit-for-purpose corporate social investments and financial inclusion programming. We work across industries including energy, renewables, mining, and infrastructure.

Designed to streamline every role.

No matter your job title, SMP makes the complex simple for many roles within supply chain management.

Procurement Specialists

SMP helps procurement specialists identify more qualified suppliers, source goods and services more efficiently and monitor local content to drive decisions related to upcoming procurements.

Supply Chain Managers

SMP helps supply chain managers keep track of resource allocation, ensure maximum efficiency across the entire supply chain and quantify performance for all members of their organization.

Local Content Specialists

SMP helps local content specialists optimize local content results, guarantee compliance with local regulations and build detailed reports to track supplier performance.

Accommodating all kinds of workflow

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Local Supplier Discovery and Engagement

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Local Supplier Development

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Tour the platform.

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