Source suppliers effortlessly.

SMP offers a simple way for buyers to post new opportunities. With advanced filters, buyers can share tailored notices with the most relevant suppliers.

A stylized illustration of the SMP interface showing three notice cards each with text describing what service or goods they're searching for
Create concise notices

Draft and publish individual notices for each procurement you have planned.

Find relevant suppliers

Every supplier in your pool has the potential to see every notice you post. Present your opportunity as accurately as possible to find your dream match.

Receive the right responses

Attracting the most qualified suppliers is critical. Set specific filters to ensure that you only receive responses from suppliers that are a strong fit for your project.

A screenshot from SMP showing the list of notices a buyer has published and unread messages in response to notices

Manage your notices in one place.

SMP simplifies notice management. Easily view every notice you’ve ever published, scheduled, or drafted. Sort and filter them based on their title, type, or closing date.

Custom-built to source suppliers in emerging markets, where procurement can be challenging.

Empowering local suppliers to access new opportunities

With instant notifications and customized settings, suppliers are always kept informed on new buyer notices that are a direct match to their interests and skill sets.

Suppliers receive real-time notifications

As soon as a buyer posts a notice, qualified suppliers receive an instant email notification about the procurement.

An illustration of a phone with an email notification appearing at the top

Decide how and when you’re notified

Suppliers can configure their email notifications to hear about all notices or receive very specific updates.

A screenshot from SMP showing how a supplier can configure their email notifications by setting filters and choosing the frequency

Tour the platform.

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