Simplifying the daily tasks of local content specialists.

Leverage SMP to optimize local content results, guarantee compliance with local regulations and build detailed reports to track supplier performance.

A screenshot from the platform showing contracts and their quarterly report statuses

Insightful analytics across quarters and contracts.

With an added layer of transparency, supplier reporting can be analyzed in many ways. Assess the results of one or several suppliers at a time, then pick and choose the time frames that matter most to you.

Keep your reports perfectly organized and accessible in one location

Leverage the ability to manipulate your data with full flexibility

Operators can view all contracts and gain quick insights on any project

Ensure compliance with local laws.

Since most regions have their own local content requirements, companies are often mandated to source goods and services within the community. Quickly demonstrate your compliance on SMP.

Make sure that supply chain activities adhere to applicable laws

Guarantee that organization policies and procedures are followed

Prove that suppliers are operating based on the latest industry standards

A screenshot from the platform  showing the ability to set local content targets and the resulting scorecards with color statuses
A screenshot from SMP showing filled out local content reporting tables

Measure supplier performance.

You ultimately won’t know whether you sourced the right supplier until you evaluate their performance. Track their outcomes to determine whether they met your quality standards, delivered their services based on the project timeline and stayed within their proposed budget.

Determine what percentage of goods and services were delivered flawlessly

Track and report on how reliable your supplier’s services truly were

Quantify your supplier’s ability to fulfill orders according to the timeline

Watch your job duties become a breeze as we empower you to work smarter, not harder.

SMP takes the heavy lifting out of countless daily tasks that were once time-consuming.

Local Supplier Discovery and Engagement

Make every procurement a successful one by posting tailored job notices to an audience of the most suitable suppliers and hiring your top choice.

Local Content Reporting

Gather and share insightful data that clearly showcases to project stakeholders how much you’re contributing to the local economy.

DAI SBG helps companies build more sustainably.

The Sustainable Business Group (SBG) helps organizations across every corporate sector build stronger sustainability practices and provides visibility into the results of their environment, social and governance initiatives.

Designed to streamline every role.

No matter your job title, SMP makes the complex simple for many roles within supply chain management.

Supply Chain Managers

SMP helps supply chain managers keep track of resource allocation, ensure maximum efficiency across the entire supply chain and quantify performance for their organization.

Procurement Specialists

SMP helps procurement specialists identify more qualified suppliers, source goods and services more efficiently and monitor local content to drive future procurement decisions.

Tour the platform.

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