Leverage the most comprehensive supplier database.

Through SMP’s global marketplace, every geography acts as a supplier pool. Subscribe to your specific pool based on your location, then instantly unlock every supplier profile that matches your needs.

An illustration of a supplier network concept, with the SMP logo in the middle surrounded by concentric circles and icons representing many different industries such as agriculture, oil & gas, and transportation
Country-specific supplier pools

Supplier pools are organized based on their country to ensure that buyers are accessing the correct local providers who can execute each project with logistical ease.

Suppliers for each procurement

Get presented with specific suppliers in who understand your industry, have expertise with your goods & services and can guarantee flawless fulfillment.

The best source of supplier info

Gain full access to the qualitative and quantitative supplier data you need to make an informed decision.

An all-in-one platform carefully crafted to reduce friction for supplier registration.

When suppliers join SMP, they provide all the specifics about their business and areas of expertise to showcase their impressive qualifications to the right buyers.

Three windows from SMP superimposed on one another showing the steps a supplier follows to input detailed information about their business during the registration process

Everything you need to know about each supplier, in one click.

Explore supplier profiles at a glance with a comprehensive overview. Switch between organized tabs of business details to gain instant insight into supplier qualifications.

A screenshot from SMP showing a company's profile filled with detailed and valuable information useful to buyers
A screenshot from SMP showing how to search & filter in a list of suppliers allowing you to find specific suppliers

Cut through the noise and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Buyers can quickly scroll through filtered search results to hone in on the options that fall within their preferred company size, annual revenue, location and much more.

Tour the platform.

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